of fonitronik modules in action


Triple Vactrol Resonator Prototype

just a short soundsample of the forthcoming resonator module (you know the bandpass filter core from the PS3100).


mh11 ADC Sequencer (1st impressions)

this video shows the mh11 in action. i additionally used a LFO as clock, a divider, a quantizer, a VCO, and a LPG. it is a simple patch and video to demontrate how this sequencer works. so no fancy soundscapes, just an odd synth line...


mh31 VC Modulator

here this dc coupled ringmod is used for mangling control voltages - simple patch: dual VCO into SSM2044 VCF, LFO into mh31 Carrier input, Sine wave into mh31 Modulator input, Random voltages controlling the Modulator input VCA. Modulatoed control voltages into VCF cutoff...